Final driver version 2.6.3-b588 for VT8XXX and SC8XXX

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New and final driver version 2.6.3-b588 for VT8XXX and SC8XXX product range released! This version is designed to update the firmware of Vutlan monitoring units. The appliance has the possibility to update or to restore software. You can update software via HTTP, FTP or using USB flash drive.

You can download the driver here: final v. 2.6.3-b588 for VT8XXX & SC8XXX product range

Date of release: 10th of October 2016


  • Automatic migration settings;

  • Module indexes reorder;

  • ADC calibration added (analog sensor readings);

  • Long text SMS support, up to 512 symbols;

  • Date and macroses for notifications in group; 
  • Wrong display "Start Date", "End Date" in element "Timer";
  • Crash at element SNMPGet removing;
  • Date for latest event in logic schemes with "OR" statements;
  • Central Africa Time (CAT time);
  • other minor fixes;

Bugs killed:

  • NTP sync timezone name bug fix;
  • SMS bot bugs fix;
  • CAN modules 'not connected' state change bug fix;
  • Display a single element in group;
  • other minor fixes;

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